Some attributes
First Race: human
Second Sex: Female (Alt 2: Male)
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon: Daggers
Fifth Special Unit: assassin

A fast, unorthodox warrior able to use her (or his) abilities to quickly deal incredible damage for a short period of time.


Assassin gains 4hp, 1* damage, +0 armor, +.25 Run, and +1% critical every level.

At level 99 (before Sp) you will have

492 hp

113** damage

0 armor

29.5s run

100% critical (level 96)

1 * May be more than one, is LESS than 2 however

2 **assume damage goes up by exactly one per level.



Active Skills

Counter Strike If hit while active, Assassin will dodge the next attack and counter attack for heavy damage
Assassin Juke Teleports in the direction Assassin is moving. The next basic attack does bonus damage. 
Shadow Becomes invisible. No enemies can attack assassin while invisible. The best skill of all heroes! Tip:Upgrade it to 5!!!

Passive skills

Assassinate Basic attacks have a chance to deal 3x damage.
Backstab Basic attacks deal extra damage when hitting an enemies back.
Escape Escape to the keep if Assassin takes a killing blow, surviving death and healing 20% hp.




Shentai's parents died when she was young and was taken in by the assassin Guild. All she has known for her entire life is murder and death



One of the best and most powerful of the Assassin Guild. No one knows of Ukogorn's existence- no mark of his has ever lived to tell the tale.