A savage warrior from the Outerlands who prefers to stay in the thick of combat. Focuses in raw damage output.

The barbarian is a hero confirmed by foursaken media to come in a upcoming update along with 2 other heroes. A pure offensive combat machine, which gets stronger the more danger he is in. He gets buffs based on the damage he is dealing, the enemies that he kills, how low his health is, etc... but when you have all those things clicking he deals the most damage in the game.

The damage he deals will go up, depending on the number of enemies he kills. This bonus resets after 3 seconds of inactivity. The barbarian has fairly low health, but makes up for this in the sheer amount of damage he can deal. The barbarian can also knock back his enemies, but this is a random effect. Many of his attacks are similar to that of the assassin, and are equally as dangerous.

*Update: character now available*


Photo released by forsaken media