• Ottr

    Corte levels

    October 15, 2014 by Ottr

    Hello i am interested in tips in how i can beat corte (i am stuck on corte level 5). I have a level 20 assassin with 56% crit and around 40-50 dmg. I know this is a bit late but please help me. i've been stuck on this level for a month now.

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  • Monkey115

    Macbook Air

    June 12, 2014 by Monkey115

    Currently playing this game on my Macbook Air after a long break. Sad to see this wiki has been polluted by random people. Please respect the work and effort it requires and keep it clean. Thanks

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  • IronForged

    I posted this on the community portal, but i'm not really sure if it would ever get seen over there. I also noticed there's no where for people to reply. So i figured I'd make a blog about it. 


    Just wondering what heroes and strategies everyone uses? What hero, soldiers, towers, runes are best to use for campaign and multiplayer coop? I know that different strategies are required for different lvls, but in general? (my strategy is below)

    I was playing mutliplayer coop this morning as a lvl 30 assassin, so far I've never managed to get past 8 minutes (my best is 8.06). This is when all the trolls, orc chieftans, mummys and tomb lords come in. The furthest I've got was actually playing with a lvl 10 knight... he started sp…

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  • GrusomeErmine

    Some friends and I have been talking, and we came up with some ideas that would be cool in the update after 3.0:

    1. A new vs. Mulitplayer. Instead of playing as the evil, both players are a hero!!!! And each player gets a castle/keep, and the first one to kill the opponent hero or destroy your opponents keep wins!!!!

    2. An evil campaign. I know that the game is heroes and castles, not villains and castles, but it would be pretty cool if the evil side had their own campaign, even if it's just 10 stages, that would be quite fun!

    3. An evil betrayer hero, like a skeleton or mummy, or even an Orc that has joined the king and has turned good.

    Well that's about it. feel free to leave some of your ideas in the comments section!!!!

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  • GrusomeErmine

    I'm really excited for the update coming soon, and the sooner the better!!! Here is the official article from the official foursaken website:


    Future version 3.0

    Brand new, 30 mission campaign on an awesome new island castle, isolated in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by beached enemy ships. Also includes several new enemies, including many new "siege" type enemies that will make the "wall up and horde money" strategies much less viable New ally, Hunter! Stays near the castle walls (ground unit) and targets the longest ranged units first. Has high damage, but is very vulnerable for a medium cost. They will only be as good as you can protect them! New ally, Fire Wizard! You've asked for it Finally, a unit that can damage …

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  • GrusomeErmine


    April 11, 2013 by GrusomeErmine

    Here are some tasks that need to be accomplished

    • =done

    • Add a chat and moderators*
    • Discussion of the week*

    Finish evil heroes pages

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  • GrusomeErmine

    Here I will post screen shots of my gameplay!!!!!

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