A war torn warrior repaired by dwarven engineers, the veteran can take untold amounts of punishment and can charge up for powerful attacks.

Clockwork Veteran
Some attributes
First Race: Human/Machine
Second Sex: male
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon: Mace-arm
Fifth Special Unit: Clockwork Defender


Active Skills:

Charge Attack

Take reduced damage while charging up for a powerful electrical discharge.
Clockwork Continuosly stack damage and armor bonuses every 10s for a 50s duration.

Hit enemies in an area, reducing their damage for a duration.

Passive Skills:

Rush Take less damage and knock away enemies while running.
Twin Pistons Basic attacks have a chance to hit multiple enemies and/or stun.
Wind Up Stand still or run to charge (1 charge/s), attack to discharge. Charge for 5s for an extra powerful attack.




Michael sacrified his body for his brother, Burion, years ago. Burion was destroyed by the sacrifice but Michael fights on with a renewed sence of purpose.



Horribly disfigured from a deadly wound caused by the Witch Blade of an undead champion. Torrier worked for years repairing himself and improving his once feeble body.