A powerful servant of Nature, best used to support ally units and other heroes.

Some attributes
First Race: Treeman
Second Sex: Male
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon: Staff
Fifth Special Unit:

Dire Wolf


Active Skills:

Elder Plant

Plants a carnivorous plant that grows stronger with each hit. Gives a Damage bonus to nearby allies.

Magic Sapling Plants a Magic Sapling. Gives a Damage and Health bonus to non-hero allies. Gets stronger over time.
Nature's Essence Gives a large Damage and Armour bonus to nearby allies.
Passive Skills:

Enemies killed have a chance to be reanimated as small Treemen. (1% at level 1, 5% at level 5)

Wild Growth

Gives a chance to grow a flower each step. Heroes can collect them to get a Damage/Armour bonus. (+10% damage, +2 Armour at level 1)

Nature's Wrath Allies killed have a chance to Damage and Stun enemies in a radius. (15% chance, 20 damage, 2s stun at level 1)



Dryan, Druid of the Flower, has a particular distaste for all mankind. It just so happens they have a common enemy for this battle.


Eisus is a powerful Elder Druid that is said to be centuries old. Some say his power rivals that of Nosgoth himself.