A stalwart Dwarven general with a powerful, but slow firing ranged cannon. Focuses on strong defenses.

Some attributes
First Race: Dwarf
Second Sex: Male
Third Range: 700
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons: Rifle
Fifth Special Unit: Dreadnought


Active Skills:

Crack Shot

A powerful shot that does unpredictable damage, and blasts throught enemies.
Fortify Your buildings take no damage for a period of time.

Instantly summons a catapult to the battlefield.

Passive Skills:

Salvage Each enemy killed has a chance to give you an extra 5 gold.
Craftsman Decreases the cost of Walls and Towers.
Brotherhood All dwarves gain extra damage.



Wearing the signature iron horns of Kraggnar, Burlock owes his allegiance to the King after his aid in repelling the Goblin Lord Snirtip.



Having lost his eye and arm in a deadly battle against the Orc Cheftain Skull Crusher, Fulgrim is stronger now that he was before with his metal implants and heavy armor.


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