Heroes and castles 2 is a sequal to the first game. It came out in May. It has similar aspects to the first but has added troops, enemies, equiment, hero types and a new campaign system. You now have a new inventory system for the Hero to better customise your hero ranging from weapons, shields, armour and runes.

The campaign shares some similarities to the first game which you must defend your castle from the endless hordes of enemies in waves. A big difference is that the enemy will siege your castle after a matter of turns, which you must defend. You can veiw a world map to conqure surrounding lands to gain buffs, abilities and units.

The gold mines and gold from the first game are replaced with Command Points and Bannermen. Bannermen and gold mines work essentially the same as they both produce you currency to spend on units. The difference is that Bannermen are all standing outside your wall, making them more vunerable but they can be healed and have armour which can be upgraded.

You no longer select a hero class at the start of your game but a race. Currently there is a human, elf and dwarf to choose from. You always start with a human character while others cost 10 crystals to add and you can only have a maximum of nine heroes. Each race can level up to spend skill points in the three skill trees that are available, which are different depending on race (Human: knight, paladin, mage. Elf: grandmaster, ranger, druid. Dwarf: berserker, engineer, runesmith). Each tree has a different set of buffs and abilities to boost your hero. If you allocate skills into the wrong tree or no longer like the skills you have, you can reset all skill points for a small fee. Do not worry about choosing a class too much as you can have skills in all three trees if you wish, or have three seperate heroes for each tree if you so wish.

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