Suggested tactics for the Campaign along with what enemies will appear.

Level # of Enemies Tactics Special Enemies


27 Skeleton
2 45 Archers Skeleton Archer
3 54 Rifles Two Handed Swordsmen
4 48 Rifles Armored Skeletons
5 108 Rifles, Hero kills Bowmen Long Range Bowmen
6 116 Rifles, Blunderbuss Goblins, Orcs
7 69 Rifles, Blunderbuss Skeletons all types
8 131 Rifles, Blunderbuss Skeletons all types
9 169 Rifles, Blunderbuss Goblins, a few bomb throwers
10 116 Pikemen Mummies
11 86 Rifles, Blunderbuss

Seige Bombers

12 102 Blunderbuss, Rifles

Goblins, Lots of Bombs

13 94 Blunderbuss, Rifles Fast Mummies
14 50 Pikemen, Hero Kills Catapults Catapults
15 58 Pikemen  Orcs
16 151 Rifles, Hero Kills Snipers Goblin Snipers
17 72 Rifles, Hero Kills Ranged Mummies, Mummie Lords, Archers and Catapults at the end
18 94 Ballista, Pikemen, Hero Kills Necromancers Necromancers
19 101 Ballista x 4, pikemen or giants. Giants have nice aoe to kill goblins too Goblins, orcs, Orc Cheifs, goblin bombers at end
20 120 Blunderbuss, Ballista, pikemen. If you a hero with good area attacks, you can kill 4 waves of Skellie's, being careful to repair and upgrade the walls to reinforced and buy a giant to help. Save up and put up 4 balissta when the troll arrives. Your giant will stall the troll in time for the balissta to destroy it. The rest is easy Waves of Skeletons, a troll, liches and a few Mummies
21 136 Riflemen, Captains, Hero Kills Wraiths. Or Giants and ballista Waves of two handed swordsmen, Necromancers, Wraiths, mummies, mummy lord
22 104

Riflemen, Captains

Hero Kills Wraiths

Two handed swordsmen and Armored Skeletons, Wraiths

23 239 Rifles, pikemen, Captain Lots of goblins, one mummy, one bomb thrower
24 48 Ballista, Pikemen Waves of Orcs, Orc Cheifs, Mummies, Mummy Lord
25 206 Pikemen, Captains, Blunderbuss Waves of Skeletons, Seige Towers, Archers towards the end
26 127 Pikemen, Captains Waves of Two Handed Swordsmen, Armored Swordsmen, and Seige Towers at the end.
27 131 Cannon Towers Goblins, Lots of Bombs, Wraiths at the end.
28 ? ? Pikemen
29 ? Blacksmith, kill wraiths in middle with hero, catapults at end Pikemen
30 237 Blacksmiths, stop siege engines, kill wraiths, catapults, mummy lords, trolls Pikemen, ballista, archers, two trolls at end of stage
31 Endless No special Tactics Everything