A durable Mage of the reptile-like Sek'Tah Clan with a disruptive melee attack and Powerful offensive spells. Summons a Armored turtle shelled warrior as his special unit.

Some attributes
First Race: Turtle*
Second Sex: Male
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon: Staff
Fifth Special Unit: Sek'Tah Warrior
  • In the games data files the mage is refenced as "Turtle" and the Sek'Tah warriors are refenced as Turtle Warrior.


Active Skills:


Channels 25 of Mage's Health into a homing fireball, targeting the enemy nearest the center of the screen.

Frost Channels 40 of Mage's health into a frost spell, damaging and stunning all enemies in a radius.
Lightning Storm Channels 75 of Mage's heath into a lighting spell, raining down random bolts of electricity all around.

Passive Skills:


Heal while standing still and while not being attacked.

Life Force

Gives a chance of recovering 20 health for each enemy kiled in range of Mage.

Life Channel For every 100 Damage Mage takes his max health is increased for the duration of the battle.




Outcast for his slight size, Sel'Tahn is a wandering journeyman searching for the most powerful magics.



Said to be hundreds of years old, Ek'Tor the gray beard is one of the last remaining elders of the old dynasty of the Sek'Tah clan. His beard is a race mutation that gives him Great distinction.