One of the four playable heroes in Siege Mode. An ancient Mummy hero with a focus on high durability and siege attacks.

Mummy Champion
Some attributes
First Race: Mummy/Undead
Second Sex: Unknown
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon: Mace
Fifth Cost: 25 Dark energy

Stats & PassivesEdit

Hp: 600+37/level

Damage: 25+0.4/level (2 per 5 levels)

IMPERVIOUS: Cost 50 Dark energy, Take 50% less damage from ranged attacks.

TOMB ARMOR: Cost 75 Dark energy, Take 25% less damage from all attacks.

SMASH: Cost 100 Dark energy, Basic attacks have a 50% chance to deal bonus damage (7 times as much) to buildings.

How to useEdit

The Mummy Champion has higher base damage but a slower attack speed and he has more health and natural armor. With the Mummy you lack the mobility  of the other heroes but your defensive and siege power makes up for it.

Guide: Early Game If you start with enough Dark energy to get Smash you can rush the walls and keep while getting mass goblins to divide your opponets attention. If that fails keep the pressure by sending constant enemies and rushing either the hero or walls. When fighting a ranger, especcialy at high levels, Impervious and Tomb Armor are a must have or the damage and potential stun effect will be too much to handle. Also watch the ground for hunting traps, one or two can change the tide of the fight.