The Paladin is the second hero class in Heroes And Castles.

Game Description Edit

A holy Warrior that is fast and has a good disrupting attack. Focuses on making your units on the battlefield more powerful.

Some attributes
First Race: Human
Second Sex: Male
Third Range: Melee
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons: Mace
Fifth Special Unit: Cleric

Basic StatsEdit

Below table shows base stats growth without spending skill points on stats:


Active Skills:

Shield of Glory Make you and all allies around you invulnerable.
Miracle Instantly heals you and all allies around you.
Retribution An attack that knocks back, damages and stuns enemies around you.

Passive Skills:

Divine Intervention Heals all nearby allies.
Holy  Vengenance Increases the damage done by nearby allies.
Inspire Decreases the cost of Units.




Said to have fought off hundreds of Orcs and Goblins by himself in the first Great War, Alexander the Lion Heart was given his suit of armor by the King himself as a reward.



Solomon - chief Paladin of the Black Guard - has a mysterious past, and is not trusted by many because of it. Regardless, he has served beside the king in countless battles.