Undeads are one of the three types of enemies that you will encounter in the game, the other being Greenskins and Siege Machines . They are also known as the damned. They are soul that are not resting and came back to live by controlling their dead bodies and sieges your castle.

Types and UnitsEdit

There're Three types of undead. Undeads are very dangerous in large numbers.


Undeads are usually melee. They attack in large numbers and they may have different targets.


A fast moving low damage warrior with moderate hp. 

Skeleton WarriorsEdit

The basic undead warrior. Weak, but with decent damage. They wield swords or axes and they also hold shields. They come in numbers and and they can easily overhelm you. There is a chance that some will be faster than others.

Skeleton RunnersEdit

A running version of the Skeleton Warrior.

Skeleton ElitesEdit

A Skeleton Warrior with a powerful, armor piercing attack. And they wield two-handed swords. Their sword gives them a longer range so that the player can't easily kill them. They can also knock the player back.

Armored SkeletonsEdit

Armored warriors that can shrug off non armor piercing attacks. With moderate HP and damage.

Skeleton CaptainsEdit

Powerful warriors that doubles the health and damage of all nearby skeletons. They are the corspe of dead captains and commander. They can be easily recognized by the banners/flags on their back.


An ancient warrior with high health that targets buildings first.

Mummy RunnerEdit

A running version of the mummy that targets units first.

Mummy LordEdit

Powerful mummy tomb lords with incredible health and damage.

They come in groups like any other enemie that starts with "Mummy".

One of the strongest enemies in campagain mode!

Mummy SiegeEdit

A slow-moving mummy with a big hammer that does high damage to buildings.


An elite undead unit that has moderate hp, high damage, and nearly immune to non-hero attacks. They can only be harmed by Hero attacks.

One of the best campagain enimies!!!

Fallen KnightEdit

Fallen Knight is an evil hero which is playable in siege mode and versus mode. It wields a sword and a shield. It also wears more armor than a normal skeleton. The fallen knight can also learn special skills.

Warrior LicheEdit

Warrior Liche is a strong skeleton mage. It is a evil hero playable in siege mode. It looks similar to necromancers but they are skeletons. It can use different hero spells.

Mummy ChampionEdit

Mummy Champion is a playable evil hero. He is durable and specializes in damaging buildings. He looks similar to a Mummy lord but without the head piece. He has passives to take less damage and deal more to buildings.


Skeleton ArcherEdit

Standard ranged versions of the Skeleton Warriors. These bowmen comes in numbers and they can shoot your walls down. They may also sometimes shoot your wall units.

Skeleton LongbowEdit

Super long ranged units that has a chance to damage units on the castle walls, they can even shoot the keep and other buildings.


A mage of the dark arts. Can cast a shield on themselves to reduce incoming damage and launch armor piercing fireballs. Also summons skeletons and skeleton runners. They can deal alot of damage to your hero with their fireballs so becareful!

Special UnitsEdit

Units with the power to summon undead corn thrusters.


Generates dark energy for the evil side in Siege Mode. Cost increases the more you have.

Standard BearerEdit

Special units that enables you to build higher level units, while increasing the health and damage of all undead warriors by 10% each. Only in siege mode.