I'm really excited for the update coming soon, and the sooner the better!!! Here is the official article from the official foursaken website:


Future version 3.0

Brand new, 30 mission campaign on an awesome new island castle, isolated in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by beached enemy ships. Also includes several new enemies, including many new "siege" type enemies that will make the "wall up and horde money" strategies much less viable New ally, Hunter! Stays near the castle walls (ground unit) and targets the longest ranged units first. Has high damage, but is very vulnerable for a medium cost. They will only be as good as you can protect them! New ally, Fire Wizard! You've asked for it Finally, a unit that can damage Wraiths. They have very high damage, but again, are very vulnerable, and are expensive. Very risky, but potentially powerful unit. New ally, Frost Wizard! A wall version of the Fire Wizard, only he has a chance to stun units. Can also hurt Wraiths, but will easily be killed by Archers, and are expensive. New ally, Iron Helms! Sturdy, Dwarven foot soldiers. They have incredible armor (automatic 50% damage reduction on top of their base armor), but low attack. They are a more tanky, but more expensive version of Peons, very useful for protecting your elite units. New ally, Dwarven Tank! A super, super unit, limited to one at a time, costing the most of anything in the game - by far. This baby has armor, HP, and long range, powerful damage. You will really have to make it a point to save up and get this unit, but will be a powerful ally even if you are a level 99 hero. New hero, Assassin! A quick, vulnerable, sneaky hero that focuses on short bursts of very high damage. Probably more skill based than the other heroes, as you will have to use her abilities at exactly the right times in order to do the most damage. Her regular attack is the weakest attack in the game. New hero, Barbarian! A pure offensive combat machine, which gets stronger the more danger he is in. He gets buffs based on the damage he is dealing, the enemies that are around him, how low his health is, etc... but when you have all those things clicking he deals the most damage in the game. Just be careful in those situations New hero, Druid! A support unit that calls on the power of nature to help other units and heroes! He plants a variety of powerful plants that can be used on both offensive, and as a support.

And that's about it, I think! I'll try to post some screens when I can Again, we still have a LOT of balancing to do, but shouldn't be TOO long now!

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