• IronForged

    I posted this on the community portal, but i'm not really sure if it would ever get seen over there. I also noticed there's no where for people to reply. So i figured I'd make a blog about it. 


    Just wondering what heroes and strategies everyone uses? What hero, soldiers, towers, runes are best to use for campaign and multiplayer coop? I know that different strategies are required for different lvls, but in general? (my strategy is below)

    I was playing mutliplayer coop this morning as a lvl 30 assassin, so far I've never managed to get past 8 minutes (my best is 8.06). This is when all the trolls, orc chieftans, mummys and tomb lords come in. The furthest I've got was actually playing with a lvl 10 knight... he started sp…

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