This is the Version History for Heroes and Castles

Version New Features Bug Fixed/ Minor Improvements

Version 2.1.2


-Fixed an issue with players not showing up in versus mode

-Engineer can no longer hurt standards, drummers, and cultists when the Wormwood Tree is alive

-Trolls are now easier to hit with ranged heroes

-Clockwork Defenders now buff all Veterans on the field

-Various other minor tweaks

Version 2.1


NEW HERO - Clockwork Verteran! Play as a durable, mechanically repaired verteran soldier, with powerful charge up bonuses and attacks. Coming Soon!

Version 2.0.1


- Various bug and crash fixes

-Fixed a bug where stats would sometimes be permanetly lost when using iCloud

-Fixed a bug that made it so Engineer couldn't shoot enemies behind castle walls

-Added a reward for beating Siege Mode

-Good and Evil Heroes now start with a 50% reduction to knockdown from other heroes, greatly reducing chain knockdowns (you will still be knocked down by enemy units at a regular rate)

-Reduced cost of Evil's armor upgrades, making it easier to become resistant to knockdown

Wormwood Tree in Versus mode will now regrow MUCH faster in the first few minutes of the game, greatly reducing the effectiveness of rushing - it regrows slower and slower as the game goes on

-Greatly reduced the effectiveness of Rangers Brambles ability against Evil heroes (it remains just as effective against regular enemy units)

-Ranger can no longer perform triple shot critical hits

-If you quit during Coop, it will end the game as if you dies, allowing you to still ear the reward you should have won based on your current time

Version 2.0


- NEW competitive 1v1 Versus multiplayer mode - play Good vs Evil! Earn Rank Points and battle your way up the leaderboards!

- NEW single player Siege Mode - play as the Evil side and siege the enemy castle!

- NEW hero: Elven Ranger, wielding a long ranged bow. Summons a giant Treeman as his special unit!

- NEW hero: Mage, capable of casting powerful magic spells. Summons an armored turtle-like native warrior as his special unit!

- NEW alternate skins for each hero! Cycle through them by tapping on a hero.

- Fixed a major bug which would cause some people to have their profiles corrupted

- Added an automatic data restore for people who have lost all of their progress in the Campaign and crash on level 1

- Added new GC leaderboards for v2.0

- Fixed several major crashes in all game modes

- Fixed an issue which would cause some players to disconnect as a Co-op game began

- Rebalanced late game for Endless and Co-op

- Fixed several gameplay exploits

- Added a huge Troll + Catapult “penalty” wave if players try to purely defend without killing any enemies

- Knight’s Taunt no longer affects Trolls, Catapults, and Goblin Siegers

- Improved visibility of dead multiplayer ally

- Captain and Longbeard buffs no longer stack

- Can now only build 3 Repairmen at any one time

- Multiplayer games now won’t start until the other player is in the game

- Changed in-game pop-up alerts to notifications, for better game flow

- Increased the effectiveness of all special units

- Increased health and disruptive ability of Giants

- Added several new options: Inverse X, Inverse Y, manual downloading/uploading to iCloud, and an option to reset local data
- many more tweaks and fixes

Version 1.0.1


- Fixed a bug where the 'Units' and 'Buildings' button would never get enabled, making it so you could not build units or buildings

- Heroes & Castles will no longer close if your device goes to sleep while in the middle of a game.

- Fixed the low health scree effect on 5th generation devices.

- Fixed a bug where your hero could get trapped inside rebuilding walls

- Ninor UI tweaks, additions and effects

- Added single player Siege Mode teaser (coming soon!)

Version 1.0


Game Released